Good to Meet You

I’m Nikki, or Nicole.

I love poetry, butter on warm banana bread, and candles. I can be found lurking in used bookstores, in the back of dark theaters, or curled up on my couch mid-season on whatever show I’m currently addicted to. I love food. LOVE IT. Except for that one stinky cheese I had in Denmark. What was that? I grew up in Windsor, Ontario and, minus a brief stint in Boston, have lived here my entire life.

Most of my years have been spent immersed in the art of documentation – be it through writing, drawing, video, or photography I’ve always felt an inherent need to preserve and to create. I wanted to find a way to show others how I perceived the world and photography became the perfect avenue to do just that. Sometimes everything just clicks.

My aim is to capture you. The real you. Through a mix of photojournalism and posing I work to help you look your best even when you’re unaware of being photographed. I want to capture the moments that you might not notice. I want to brilliantly showcase the moments you do. I want you to feel relaxed and excited, to trust me and my vision. I want to tell your story.

My Latest